Covid 19 changes work

Inspiring corona approaches and measures to keep employees (with chronic conditions) working in European companies

What are the consequences of corona for companies, employees and in particular for employees with a chronic condition? What measures are companies taking?

The COVID-19 pandemic has a severe impact on work. It affects the mutual relationships of employees, leadership and control, as well as the physical work conditions as result of social distancing or working from home.

How do employers and employees cope with the consequences of this pandemic? How do they approach the problems they face? What measures do they take? And, in particular, which approach and measures work for employees with a chronic condition?

The purpose of this project is to inspire employers and employees with examples of COVID-19 measures from European companies. In particular, we want to offer examples of measures that work for employees with a chronic condition.

Search for good practices
To find inspiring examples of measures we search for companies that are willing to give us insights into their practice. We are interested in general measures, as well as specific measures that work for employees with a chronic condition.

Our exploration starts in The Netherlands and spreads over the whole of Europe. The first and worst affected areas, such as Bergamo in Northern Italy, will be given special attention. Out of necessity, they might be further and more extreme in their solutions for the COVID-19 problem. Apart from the current problems, we want to learn from this pandemic for future epidemics as well.

Online inspiration catalogue
Ten inspiring examples from five different countries will be selected for further exploration. As soon as the situation allows, we will visit these companies. The employers and employees within these companies will present their COVID-19 approaches and measures on video.

The final result of the project will be an online inspiration catalog for companies and employees. This catalogue contains an overview of the selected European examples, in text and video. Separate short videos and clips will be made for social media to bring the catalog to the attention of other companies and employees. All materials will be available in English and Dutch and published on this website.

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